Any body who knows me will realise I write very infrequently these days. I still enjoy the thrill of achievement to a reasonable standard. I draft and then re draft etc until the poem looks and sounds something like.
I started this one in July and now it is as I say something like.


Majestic sunshine,burnished gold,
July: the Cotswold countryside,
Elevated fields of Lavender,
Throw out a purple haze,
The Rambler grows ever more content,
Probing natures gifts,in leafy lanes,
Leading into flowered fields,
Where sheep and horses graze,

Buzzards circle in the deep blue skies,
Zany patterns from a dragonfly,
Far in the distance fox cubs play,
Deer with fawns on alert,
The Rambler and his Greyhound stand,
Bonded as he was once before,
Both breathing in the fragrances,
Like sipping vintage wine.


Take care Dave

Life aint Fair

How often have I heard that phrase. I confess I stroll along sometimes feeling really sorry for myself as the anxiety syndrome and coming out of my particular comfort zone kicks in.I do not want to be here I tell myself I don’t want to be alone and then also I don’t want people around me either so What exactly is it that I do want.I can’t answer that.
I do want to be happy but just what is happiness, right now with all my lifes experience I can’t answer that either.
My best friend (now passed away) had his first heart attack at just 21 years old. Immediately he had to shelve a very promising sporting career. He was able for a time to fight his way back to marry a lovely Girl enjoy family life and come to terms with his limitations, he did this admirably and I remember he had a big 50th birthday bash where friends and family attended to enjoy him celebrating his happiness. The following Christmas he was rushed to hospital in sever pain and finished up after emergency surgery with a colostomy bag. He battled through like many other people and was still able to enjoy life getting out and about with his family and mates.Then it was decided he could have a reversal to get rid of the bag.
This operation went disasterously wrong and my friend was subjected for the next ten years to indescribable pain and ill health. He was in hospital many times for weeks on end and the pain was 24/7 all his waking hours With his lovely wife and family he fought uncomplainingly I do not know how he managed it as his conditione got progressively worse and life became in my opinion not worth living he smiled and used to tell me there was always someone worse off than himself.
THe so called recognised help was always failing him but he never complained about his lot his only concern was that he would leave his lovely wife provided for.They had to fight to obtain the benefits he was entitled too undergoing means tests and a series of invasive questions from faceless jobs worths. Come the day all his justifiable benefits were granted to him and he rang me happier that I had heard him for months.
That night he had a heart attack and died.
Everything and everybody associated with him were lovely people. Now that qualifies for the “LIFE AINT FAIR” phrase. Not my piffling trifles.

So my friends Life is good if you make the effort so make it.

Take caRE Dave

A few Thoughts

Good Morning I thought I would give the poetry a rest and just browsing around and taking stock of life I will offer the following observations.

Are you keen on sport I ask myself, I love it played a few sports to a half decent standard many years ago now just a watching brief. I am currently viewing the European Athletic championships and I must touch on the performance of Jo Pavey soon to be 41 and mother of two who Won the Womens 10000metres title,Now Jo has been around for a number of years and has always been known to give of her best at all times but the rewards for her in medal terms have never done justice to the work ethic she has committed to the cause. At my level in the past the training level was tough so I dread to think what Jo’s training schedule consists of.
At 40 years of age she has finally received some of the recognition she deserves having been seen to achieve overdue success in some gutsy runs in Major championships.
Well done Jo.

I read an article today on depression and References to it by Stephen Fry as to how it is grossly misunderstood and how it could be handled by friends of the depressed person.Having suffered from the illness myself I know that self help has to be the initiator of any recovery. No I can’t explain the thought patterns they seem to differ for each affected individual and they affect people at different times of the day.
Expert Help? what exactly is Expert help don’t know the answer to that one. i am lucky in that my original diagnosis of Depression has now been re defined. I suffer now from anxiety. One thing has remained unchanged as I am told I will have to cope and live with it. Again I am fortunate in that I am strong enough to do this.
I fear for those that struggle.
Take Care Dave

Don’t worry friends if you are still there I am returning to the poetry

TRILOGY Part Three.

First things first any reader. Woking open new season with a win. Great Stuff. I will put Trilogy Part three up today entitled “The Dream” I hope you enjoy.




Uncurbed no time constraint exists,

The fertile mind can wander thus,

See fragile strengths of heavenly concepts,

A cultured voice whispers ever so softly,

Calls me into unexplored space,

Where entrancing: the Goddess of fantasy,

Provides sensuous peace, in imaginary touch,

Such haunting ecstasy, transparent in mind,

Ah the beauty of celestial passions,

Fires emotions within my consciousness,

To fulfil: from a variable distance.


moordykspot C@DGH2014


Well my friends thats it the trilogy is complete.


Take Care Dave




Good Afternoon to any readers(tell your friends)

I think I should perhaps display Trilogy Part Two entitled “The Dusk” for your perusal I won’t  bore you with any pre post twaddle except to wish you well.




Blue black hue as twighlight falls,

Clouds assume ingenious patterns,

The human eye and brain combine,

Outline shapes unseen by others,

Beyond the coulds, light years away

Stars from other galaxies,

Radiate kaleidoscope intensity,

Whilst our Earth’s own majestic Moon,

Casts shafts of light ‘midst dancing shadows,

Silhouetting the fox, badger and night owl,

in pursuance of nocturnal quests.



moordykspot C@DGH2014



This my friends can shortly be followed with (you.ve guessed it Part Three which will be “THE DREAM”


Take Care Dave


Trilogy Part One.

I thought that to cease my recent gripes I would thumb through my poetry archives and I came up with this poem which does not appear in my book. You can actually split this poem into a trilogy so from the Title “FROM A DISTANCE (Variable)” I give you part one:-


The Dawn

Early summer, still to ripen fields,

Differing shades contrasts of colour,

Well trodden footpaths flanked by heathers,

Lead to far off unrestrained hills,

Steeped in natures mysteries,

Discerning observant eyes seek out,

Within the depths of close packed woodland,

Near invisible camouflaged wildlife,

Foraging in blissful peace,

The silence of the new dawn sunrise,

Broken gently by the wild bird chorus.



moordykspot C@DGH2014


Dear friends wherever you are Part Two entitled The Dusk and Part Three entitled The Dream will follow.


Take Care.







1st World War and our present successes?

Like many others who will never really know the horrors of war I watched as the justifiable respects were paid to those who gave us the opportunity if a stable lifestyle.What a magnificent job they did.

Now consider todays environment. People all over, killing each other of course was not what our ancestors fought for. Freedom of speech now increasingly governed by the political correct do good brigade so now it no longer exists, I mean can the individual say what he really thinks a big resounding no to that one. Thats not what our ancestors fought for.

Are we able to wander safely and in no fear of violence, Can we send our children out to play without fear? Nope. Thats not what our ancestors fought for.

Civilised superior Human Race? whaT A JOKE as standards in all areas have gone downwards and there are no STATESMEN or I spose to be politically correct statespeople around to be strong enough to get us back into the realms of human so called decency.

So we have been given opportunities which have all been wasted to leave us in this hotpotch world we now live in where just about anything goes. I would imagine there is a fair bit of spinning in graves going on.Thats not what our ancestors fought for.


Oh Dear


Take care Dave




Commonwealth Games 2014

Well the Commonwealth Games has finished and what a good games it was. May not have been quite top class but displayed a lot of gutsy performances and we saw some new young faces who hopefully will go on to further success.

I was Lucky enough to attend the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh back in 1970 (I still have the tie) they were known as the friendly games in those days and isn’t refreshing to see the status retained. In these in some places dark times where killing each other seems to be the order of the day . To see a section of people really enjoying life and what is on offer is so good to see and dare I say it offers hope for the future.

Scotland is to be congratulated in being successful in staging this spectacle.


Take Care Dave

Hello Again

Now then Before I sit down for the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony I thought I would post a short poem suitably titled “HELLO”

this Poem is a short light one and the scenario can be witnessed in most places illustration natures gifts.



Gentle early morning spring rain ceases,

Wild Bluebells sway discarding droplets,

Dawn Chorus? It has yet to sound,

Wildlife remains in invisible slumbers,

There is wonderment in stillness,

Safety in the quietness,

A trusting hedgehog peeks,

We say Hello.



moordykspot C@DGH2014


Thats it my friends there is a sequel entitled GOODBYE but it is a bit early for that isn’t it?

Take care Dave



Well Sunday August 3rd I hope this blog will be picked up who knows. It will contain some Poetry of course and some background to each entry. I expect I shall touch on sports of sorts and make a few general observations. Nothing controversial or maybe perhaps there will be cos I do have strong opinions but in the main enjoyment will be the byword.

Take Care Dave

General musing and putting poems on for enjoyment (Hopefully)